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6 Week Learn to Throw on the Wheel Pottery Course - April 4th

6 Week Learn to Throw on the Wheel Pottery Course - April 4th

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Learn to Throw on the Wheel Pottery Course

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A 6 week course for beginners

Starts Thursday 4th April from 6:00-8:00 pm 

All Materials, firings, and glazing services are provided. 


You will spend 2 hours a week learning to centre on the wheel, throw cylinders and turn them into candle holders, mugs, bowls and hopefully a teapot. You will also learn about decorating and glazing. Classes are small, no more than 4 people in a session so you will get plenty of support from me and we can take our time getting it right. 


Techniques we will cover: 

Week 1 - General information about types of clay and an introduction to stoneware, a look at tools and the fundamentals of throwing on the wheel, we will then practice wedging your clay and centring on the wheel.

Week 2 - Centering and making a candle holder - this week we will continue to practice cone up and down and centring, we will then move on to throwing straight-sided cylinders and throwing a candle holder. 

Week 3 - Cylinders and mugs and bowls- we will continue to solidify centering skills while also working on producing two cups, at least one straight sided cylinder and some bowls. 

Week 4 - Trimming, Pulling handles and decorating vases - this week we will look at how to trim your pots and why and you will trim what you have made so far. We will then learn how to pull handles and handle the mugs you have made. You will then learn about adding sculpture, texture, sprig moulded items and decorating techniques to some of the straight walled cylinders you have thrown to them into vases. 

Week 5 - Tea pots - this week we will learn the theory of a functional teapot, throw a two cup teapot and lid, throw the spout and pull a handle you will then use the heat gun to dry the parts needed and attach all the parts to your teapot. 

Week off - for drying and firing

Week 6 - (this session will be up to 60 minutes longer than the previous depending on what you are glazing) - glazing, you will glaze all your pieces this week 


Once the course is finished I will fire your items and you will be able to come and collect them after that.

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