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Pottery Club | Work unattended on your own projects.

Pottery Club | Work unattended on your own projects.

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I am very excited to launch Pottery Club! 

Come when you want, for as long as you want and make what you want!


What is Pottery Club?

Pottery Club is a space for you to explore your own creativity in a friendly and welcoming environment. Do your own thing at your own pace. No teachers, no expectations. 

These are not taught sessions so ideally you would have attended a previous beginners class or have some knowledge of pottery, especially if booking a wheel throwing slot.

The idea is that you will work unattended but I will always be on hand to help and give guidance if needed.


How does Pottery Club work?

We’re opening up our cozy little pottery studio a few days a week and all you need to do is book an hour (or more) at either the crafting table or on one of our throwing wheels.

The hourly charge covers:

Space in the studio, drying space for your items, shelf space if you wish to work on something over multiple sessions, use of the studios tools and wheels (if you’ve booked a wheel session) and studio glazes for firing. 

You can purchase clay from the studio in 1kg portions at £2.50 or a full 12.5kg bag at £15.00 this is for studio all purpose clay, if you would like to use a specific/ speciality clay or specific glazes just talk to Laura and she can help you purchase what you are looking for.

When you have an items ready to fire we will charge a flat rate of £10 which includes the bisque and glaze fire.*

When is Pottery Club?

We’re starting off with Wednesday evenings and Saturday daytimes with more slots coming very soon. All of the available slots can be seen in the booking calendar. 


How much is Pottery Club?

1 hour of table space is £8

1 hour of using one of the 4 pottery wheels is £12

You can book as many hours as you wish and book spots at the crafting table and on the wheel if you wish.




*If your item to fire is over 50cm tall and 30cm wide you will be charged a full kiln fire which is £30 and includes both the bisque and glaze fire. 

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